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Create an Office for Your Home-Based Business That Will Make You Love Going to “Work”

Rand Holyoak   | 

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To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to have the drive plus the know-how to build your business effectively. Along with the qualities that go into making someone an entrepreneur, you also need the right tools to get the job done. And when your business is based out of your home, this requirement includes having a well-designed home office.

Finding Space for a Growing Business
Regardless of the business you’re in, you don’t want to try and cram a work area into too small of a space. Doing this may mean you don’t have enough room to be productive, plus you’re more likely to end up with distracting clutter.

Another point to consider is not just what your business needs right now but also what you anticipate needing as you grow. If you don’t have that amount of space in your home, think about what other options may be available. Could you add on to your home or convert an outside building like a shed?

If you decide you’ve outgrown your home altogether, you may want to research whether a larger home fits your budget. One idea is to look into a home that’s bank-owned or in foreclosure. Foreclosures typically cost less, which leaves more room in your budget for your office or to invest in your business.

Homeownership is never a decision to make lightly, but when you purchase a foreclosure you want to be extra diligent about doing your homework, especially when it comes to having an inspection so you’re aware of any issues. It’s also smart to work with a real estate agent who has experience with foreclosures, and to get pre-approved for a loan before making an offer.

A “Smart” Office Setup
Just as important as choosing the space for your office is how you set it up. According to My Domaine, one of the best ways to set up a home office is to follow the Feng Shui philosophy. In a nutshell, this starts with setting intentions, which basically means thinking about what you want to accomplish in your office. The next step is to determine the best spot for your desk, and then you can fill out the rest of the room.

When you’re trying to choose the right desk, revisit the intention you set to get an idea for the kind of work area you need. If you work mainly on a single device, you might be happy with a space-saving desk. However, if you need room to spread out, you’d be better off investing in a large, possibly modular desk so you don’t feel overcrowded.

Another idea is to add a standing desk. As NBC News reports, standing desks are ideal for breaking up the hours of sitting many office workers do. Just keep in mind that a standing desk should be a supplement, not a replacement, for a regular desk so you don’t get too tired standing. Because of this, some options are convertible, which gives you the best of both worlds.

Along with the basic electronics you’ll need to set up your office, it’s also a good idea to invest in smart home technology. With the use of a smart speaker like Google Assistant or Alexa you can do simple tasks like set reminders, ask for information, or turn off the music without having to interrupt your work.

Make it Homey
Just because your home office needs to be a space where you’re productive doesn’t mean it has to be boring. In fact, keeping a bit of the “home” in your home office can increase productivity by creating an environment that’s inspiring. It’s easy to make your office feel more homey with textiles like a rug, curtains, and decorative pillows, along with natural elements like a houseplant or two.

As a home-based business, your office sets the stage for everything you do. Consider your basics, and add some nonessentials so your workspace feels homey and productive. These ideas can be your springboard to find the home office design that sets the right stage for your success.

Photo credit: Unsplash