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Top Five Things to Look for When Hiring an Accountant

Rand Holyoak   | 

Top Five Things to Look for When Hiring an Accountant

As a business owner, you may be striving to fulfill your accounting needs to lower your taxes, grow your business, reduce your expenses, and manage your company. Hiring an accountant for all of your accounting needs—from bookkeeping and tax preparation to payroll and consulting, seems to be the ideal solution.

However, choosing an accountant is like choosing a new business partner as you will be entrusting an outside professional with sensitive financial information. With your personal and business finances at stake, it's important that your accountant will add value to your business as a true business advisor, not just your bookkeeper.

To help you find the ideal professional, here’s a list of top five qualities to look for in your next accountant.

1. Professionalism

Learn their qualifications and whether they are regulated by a professional body. Do they care for you as a client? Do they put you first? Do they listen to your questions and are they able to provide answers in laymen terms? The professional attitude of the accountant should ensure a hassle-free experience for you.

2. Honesty

In financial matters, it is very important to be honest not just as a client but as an accountant too. Only then can the business grow by leaps and bounds. Do a thorough research with at least a few previous clients before hiring an accountant from the chosen shortlisted professionals.

3. Promptness

Hire an accountant who is willing to meet with you at a mutually convenient time and place and is available to discuss matters with reasonable response times. Find out from their references how responsive they are to requests and whether they correspond by email or telephone. Also, ask potential candidates about their turnaround time for filings and reports to be aware of their promptness with work.

4. Listen to your needs

When you meet an accountant for the first time make sure to ascertain that they fulfill all your basic needs such as location, pricing, experience, and references, etc. Also, do a quick check with your own intuition; ask yourself if you could trust this person with the intimate details of your business and hire only if the answer is affirmative.

5. Knowledgeable in the field

Make sure your accountant knows the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion so that they will save you money in legal ways and help the business prosper with their added expertise.

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